Get Registered

Once you’ve taken the tour, you can start the registration process. Please see this link to schedule a tour. Tours can start as soon as September 7th (our opening date). 

The parent or legal guardian of the child must be the one who registers the child(ren) because our waiver is a part of the registration process. Please email if you have any further questions.

You MUST complete a tour or attend an Open House BEFORE you’re eligible to register.

After your tour or visit to an Open House, please email to get the link to register!

Please see below to determine which tier you would like to register for:


Tiny Tots will start offering a tiered membership Spring Term 2023. Details below:

Tier 1: This is the BASE tier. You register, pay dues, sign up for duties, and receive the door code. It costs $50 per term. A base membership is not eligible to host a party.

Tier 2: The base tier + eligible to host one birthday party. This costs $100 per term.

Tier 3: The base tier + eligible to host two birthday parties. This costs $150 per term.

Tier 4: The base tier + eligible to host three birthday parties. This costs $200 per term.

Tier 5: The base tier + eligible to host four birthday parties. This costs $250 per term.

And so on, for as many children you have that you will be hosting a party for. It comes out to $50 extra to host each party. If you have any questions, please email

More details:

  1. For now Birthday Parties can only be scheduled for Saturdays, from 9:30am-11:30am or 12pm-2pm. Once Saturday’s are full, we can open other slots for folks.
  2. Any member can still come and use the space, even if there is a party going on. 
  3. You will be required to fill out the Birthday Party Contract and have each invitee fill out the Birthday Party Waiver, so 2 different forms. Links are available upon request. Please email the link to the Waiver to your invitees or see below for filling out a paper version.
  4. Each adult attending will need to fill out a waiver. Meaning, if a set of grandparents come, each one will need to fill out the waiver. If parents come with their children, they will need to fill out the form for themselves and their child(ren).
  5. If an invitee does not have access to a computer, you can give them a paper waiver that can be found in The Birthday Binder next to the front door, or ask to receive one via email to print out. Please make arrangements to have this turned in one week before the party.
  6. Allowed 15 invitees per party.