Upcoming Events for Members

We are gearing up for this Falls event’s schedule.  Here is what we have on the calendar so far!  We are so excited and hope you will join us all in the festivities!
September Fire Station Visit
When: September 27th @ 3:00 pm
Where:  Santa Clara Fire Station 2600 River Rd.
Please RSVP to events@tinytotscoop.org as space is limited!
Bring Recycling Visit
Emily from Bring Recycling is bring us her worm farm for us to play with and will read us Diary of a Worm to learn about natures little recyclers!
When: October 10th at 1:00 pm
Where: Tiny Tots
Halloween Spooktacular!
When: October 28th 10 am- 1 pm
Where: Tiny Tots
Come play with us!  Wrap you “mummy up”, play pumpkin pong, make a candy corn or pumpkin craft and much more!  We hope to see you at our annual Halloween Bash!