Sparkplug Dance Is Coming To Tiny Tots

Movement is such an important part of a growing child’s life… from free play like at our playground to movement that allows expression to structured movement like dance and sports.  Sparkplug Dance is a fabulous community resource and, this month, is a special benefit for Tiny Tots members!

On Saturday January 14th Sparkplug Dance will be giving a free dance class to Tiny Tots members beginning at 10:00 am.  Sparkplug will introduce our kids (and us parents) to some warm up dance, concept dances, some great props and a folk dance or two.  Sparkplug’s mission is to help “communities to unite in their vision and vigor to build the arts and physical activity into every child’s education.”  They offer classes on movement and dance starting with newborns through school-age children and now they are bringing their expertise to us.

Members, make sure to join us and Sparkplug for some dance and if you’re not a member yet… hurry up and join so you can dance with us!  Visit Sparkplug’s website at and join us on September 14th.